• 2'f'& 12'B' Recognized by UGC New Delhi
  • Minority Institution


Shri Saraswati Pragat Vidya Prasarak Mandal, Washim
Permanent Affiliation by Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati

Kothari Educational Hub Risod Road, Washim (Maharashtra)

2‘f’ & 12‘B’ Recognized by UGC New Delhi

E.-Mail - ssswm718@sgbau.ac.in www.saraswatipragat.org Mob No. 9545077444

From the academic Session 2012-2013, the college is shifted to its well furnished newly constructed state of the art building. The new college building is located in a campus of 2.0 Acres of land near Government Polytechnic, Risod Road, Washim. The Location of college is about 3Kms away from Bus station on western side, isolated from crowed city with very healthy atmosphere for students to undertake higher education.

Details of the available facilities.

It has well maintained garden and lawn with play ground. Our college has bore well for water supply and water cooler (Blue Star) with purification system for drinking water supply.

Our Library has reading desk, news paper stand with leading news papers. Our Library is having 11010 text books. Out of which 3463 text books are purchased during 2010-2015. Additionally our Library received 1245 donated books during last 4 years. Our library is regularly subscribing periodicals and news papers. 8 monthly periodicals, 1 weekly & half monthly periodicals, and 14 News papers.

Our College has 21 Computers for Computer Laboratory, office, library, IQAC, NAAC, University Exam. Coordinator. Computer laboratory with 10 computers provide computer awareness to students with internet facility. Our college has a Mini-bus for transportation of students and faculty to visit different agencies, field work places, rural camps etc.

We have a temple of lord Shri Ganesha & Maa Shri Saraswati inside the library

No. Of Books Weekly Periodicals Pakshik Monthly Periodicals Annual Report News paper
01 02 03 04 05 06
01) Syllabus   
Books  :- 7283
02) Story, Novel
Lalit  :- 2125
03) General  
Knowledge and    
other reference   
Total :- 1602
1) Sadhna
2)Competetive News
3) Buldhana Urban
1) Vatsaru 1) Lokrajya
2) Udyojak
3) Shetkari
4) Granthaparivar
5) Arthabodh Patrika
6) Aarogya Patrika
7) Samajkalyan
8) Social  Welfare
9) Shrigurudev
10 ) Matrurakshya
11) Bulletin
12) Pratiyogita Kiran
13) Pratiyogita Darpan
14) Spardha Pariksha
15) Chanakya Mandalû
(Spardha Pariksha)
16) Current Affairs  
17) Current Affairs  (Today)
18)Competeition in Focus
19) Current Affairs   ( Mahendra )
20) Current Affairs ( Renu)
21) Competeition Success(Renu)
22) Competition Success
1) Vivek
2) Sadhna
3) Lokmat
4) Loksatta
5) Deshonnati
6) Tarun Bharat
7) Bulletin
1) Daily Lokmat
2) Daily Deshonnati
3) Daily Bhaskar
4) Daily  Punyanagri
5) Daily Sakal
6) Daily  Loksatta
7) Daily  Pratidin
8) Daily Hitwad
9) Daily Navbharat
10) Matrubhumi
11) Tarun Bharat
12) Hindustan
13) Lokshahi Varta
14) The Hindu
Marathi :- 03 Marathi :-  01 Marathi  :- 11
Hindi      :- 05
English  :- 06
Marathi:- 07 Marathi  :- 09
Hindi      :- 02
English  :- 03
Total:- 11010 Total:-  03 Total:-  01 Total:- 22 Total:- 07 Total:- 14

President, Principal, S. N. Kothari

Prof. Shyamsundar Kothari, President, Saraswati college of social works, washim
Shri Saraswati College of Social Work is established with the source of inspiration of principal Shri S.N.Kothari, being founder president. He is dynamic academician since 1966. He has served as a lecturer from 1966 to1991 and he successfully shouldered the responsibilities of principal of R.A. College, Washim from 1991 to 2002. He worked as senate member, 1st term by rotation and 2nd terms by election as per new Act.

Previously before the formation of new Washim district, he conducted many programs in the capacity of district Co- coordinator of national service scheme in Akola District. He has attended many conferences / workshops. He established the Association of Commerce Professor of Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati and headed as president for 3 years. He carried out many academic activities for commerce and physical education teachers.

Principal : Dr. Sandip Namdeorao Shinde

Dr. Waman K. Pokale, Principal,  Saraswati college of social works, washim
Dr. Sandip Namdeorao Shinde has joined as a I/C principal on 27/11/2017. Presently working at Shri Saraswati Social Work College, Washiim as an Asst. Prof. since 05/12/1999. He has over 18 years experience in teaching. Before that in 2009 to 2010 he also took a charge of Incharge Principal. He is M.Phil from Nagpur University, Nagpur 2008. He taken a Doctorate in Social Work (Subjects:- “A Case study of social and Health Status of Child Labour of Aundahivasi” Tribe of District of Washim in the Maharashtra State).From R.T.M. University, Nagpur 2017. He has published over 27 Research papers in Journals/ conference of national and international Journal., Attended and presented research papers in Various National Seminars and conferences. And Presently Member in child welfare committee, Washim since 2013, member in Child Labour consultant committee since 2003 till date and also as member of bord of study ( B.O.S. ) of Sant Gadge baba Amravati University,Amravati since 2017.


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